What can you do with AutomZero?

The following are things you can do in this version of AutomZero:

  • Create Services
    You can create services you wish to provide to users of your system and categorise them accordingly so its easier for users to find what services they are looking for.
  • Define Inputs
    You can create inputs that define how information is captured from the user. Inputs can be forms which a user can fill out or they can be apis which fetch information from different external databases.
  • Define Payments
    You can define payments for services that require users to pay before they can get an output or submit an application.
  • Define Outputs
    You can define outputs that are generated when an application has met certain rules or conditions. Outputs can be downloadable PDF documents or api calls to external databases
  • Define Stages
    You can define stages of approval that an application can go through. Each stage defines what is required for an application to be allowed to enter that stage. You can define that additional inputs or payments are required before an application can enter that stage. You can also define what outputs are generated in this stage after all rules or conditions are met
  • Define Rules
    You can define conditions for stages or services that determine how applications are submitted, how payments are made, how outputs are generated