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The Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development was established in May 2014, through Executive Order No. 2/2014 following the inauguration of the new government that collapsed the hitherto 44 ministries into 18, in accordance with Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

In the new structure, ministries that previously existed as single entities were merged to form super ministries, some with bigger responsibilities. Thus the five erstwhile ministries of Land, Housing, Urban Development and Nairobi Metropolitan Development, were joined together to form the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development. The Ministry is charged with the responsibility of providing policy direction and coordinating all matters related to lands, housing and urban development.

Detailed functions
  1. Lands policy management
  2. Physical planning
  3. Land transactions
  4. Survey and mapping
  5. Land adjudication
  6. Settlement matters
  7. Rural settlement planning, i.e. eco-village
  8. Land reclamation
  9. National spatial data infrastructure
  10. Land registration
  11. Land and property valuation services
  12. Administration of public land as designated by the constitution.
  13. Land information system
  14. Housing policy management
  15. Public works policy and planning
  16. Development and promotion of affordable housing policy
  17. Management of building and Construction standards and codes
  18. National Secretariat for Human Settlement
  19. Management of housing for civil Servants and disciplined forces
  20. Management of Civil Servants Housing Scheme
  21. Development and management of government housing
  22. Development and management of public buildings
  23. Public office accommodation lease management
  24. Public works planning
  25. Maintenance of inventory of government property
  26. Overseeing provision of Mechanical and Electrical (Building) Services to public buildings
  27. Supplies branch and co-ordination of procurement of common- user items by government ministries
  28. Registration of contractors and materials suppliers
  29. Registration of civil, building and electro-mechanical contractors
  30. Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors
  31. Other public works
  32. National Housing Corporation
  33. National Construction Authority
  34. Kenya Building Research Centre
  35. Settlement Fund Trustees

Constitutional/Commission Offices

  • National Land Commission

    The Ministry consists of three directorates each with distinct mandate and functions. They are:

    1. Directorate of Land
    2. Directorate of Housing
    3. Directorate of Urban Development